Saturday, September 22, 2012

New Blog Adventures

Here I am, trying to launch a Blog to stay in touch with my Blogging, Stamping, ScrapBooking and Challenge Giving e-friends.
This is really quite exciting. Who would ever know such a community existed?
Scrapbookers, cardmaking,  creative friendly people with expertise that is astonishing to me.
I am looking forward to these next few months, learning new skills, tapping into my own creativity, learning the best place to take a photo and how post it so it doesn't shine or slant.


~ Cynthia said...

Congratulations Carole and welcome to the world of blogging! You will find it time-consuming but exciting, educational and wonderful! So happy you will get a chance to connect with other like-minded crafty friends!

Have a wonderful weekend and God Bless, ~Cynthia <><

Karen Letchworth said...

Hi Carole! Great we go!

Unknown said...

Thanks for stopping by. Blessings Carole