Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Too Soon Old, Too Late Smart!

Do any of you remember how sweet it was to get to sit in the front room that was the sanctum for the man of the house?
Rich brown leather, some sort of pendulum clock, a globe on a wooden stand with the whole world at your fingertips had you been allowed to get it spinning faster that the speed of light. Overstuffed chairs grey curtains, Oh, it was so manly.
There was usually the smell of an aromatic cigar (yuck) crystal Brandy decanters, and always a compass.
The spots of aqua and the aqua circles represent the blue on an atlas. The rest is fairly obvious I hope.
I will post this in these challenges.
Thank you for taking time and stopping by, Carole

1 comment: said...

Wow, what an amazing masculine card!! ~ Blessings, Tracey