Monday, June 17, 2013

Seven Children, Dancing a Strathspey, To Stay Warm!

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The Hymn challenge at Triple the Scraps is every two weeks. A great deal of my childhood was spent at my Dad’s left hand, as he played the piano and we sang these wondrous hymns. I am using this challenge to finally get some pictures out of the box.

5488 Main Street Osgoode ON KOA2WO used to be the store at the Railway crossing on main street.

James Veitch operated the first blacksmith shop from this location. He sold the property to Geo. Craig who built a general store. Fire destroyed the building in 1926 (on Christmas Eve) and it was rebuilt using Boyd blocks.

My Dad, David William Robb helped build this store as he was working for Boyd’s. He laid the stone with the date.

A feed store and gristmill also operated from this lot. Uncle Andy worked at the feed mill for many years.

It was sold to H&B who operated the Foodliner from 1983 to 1989.

Christopher, Robin and Daniel began their working days there with Ricky B and the gang.




My aunts and uncles had some very desperate times the first years in Osgoode. They moved from Scotland after the war. One cold winter night Grandma Robb, Jessie Florence Robb had her husband David  Robb get out his fiddle. They kept warm, Scottish Country Dancing.

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kiwimeskreations said...

Lovely page Carole - I love the story about dancing to keep warm - we really do not know what hardship, or cold is, do we?

Anonymous said...

thank you for joining us for the Hobby House First Challenge
Hugs Kate xx

Anne-Marie said...
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Anne-Marie said...

Sorry about that, I made a silly typing mistake on my first comment.
How nice to use the Hymn Challenge for your scrapbook page and it has turned out a lovely page.

Susan M said...

Love your page Carole! How wonderful to have those memories of your father playing the hymns!

Kathy said...

Memories put down on paper bring them so vividly back. Thanks for sharing. Lovely page!

Carole said...

I love your story. I have Scottish heritage too and happen to think they are wonderful people.I also have stories and I believe the Scots are a tough breed.

Nancy said...

Beautiful page, Carole! So wonderful to document all those treasured memories! I love the key set! I used one on my page too! :o)