Wednesday, January 15, 2014

And The One Little Duck With The Feather In It's Back..........

 Welcome to my blog, The Diamond Dragonfly

Welcome to my blog, The Diamond Dragonfly
Another challenge with a family friendly theme and sentiment, ‘Anything Goes’, as far as styles at Word Art Wednesday this week. 
This is our 115th   challenge.  We also have a Facebook page found here.  Your faithfulness in posting your inspiration art with us makes life a lot of fun at WAW.
There is a FREE digital word art each week, which you are welcome to use BUT it is not required. It is found on this page as well as here.

Our fabulous sponsors  for January 16th 2014 are

 WAW…………………………….AG with a Family friendly sentiment and theme

These two pages represent the Flood, My yellow pages represent Creation and last week’s two pages represented the Garden of Eden. This book will  eventually have all my favorite verses and Hymns. Did I say all? You know what I mean.

This is what I do.
I punch all my scraps with whatever size or shape of punch that will fit onto the paper when I finish projects.
I’m getting much better at storing them by color and category but the real scraps get put into containers which I dump onto my work area when I am preparing a scrap-a-thon..

Sorting by colors and shapes, finding bigger scraps to use as mattes and then I start putting something together on a page or card that tells the story.



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DebR said...

This is fantastic! Super job on this.