Friday, January 10, 2014

David William Robb, Gone But Not Forgotten

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David William Robb
Nineteen years ago Daddy went to Heaven.
When I arrived home from Ottawa, Mommy ran out to my car and said, “Something is the matter with your father”.

I went in and to check him and his back was all mottled so I knew it would be very quick.  I sent David to get Christopher from Grandor, called JoAnn their minister, Louis the Dr., and my siblings. Robin was on his way home from work.

We stood around his bed singing hymns, all his favorites. Andrea read from John 14. When she read, “I will come again and receive you unto Myself”, he just left us.

He was a WW2 veteran, a hardworking honorable man, a musician who ended up in the Kemptville Pipe Band, marching and playing his trusty bagpipes.

We still miss you Daddy and we are so thankful for all we learned from you and all that you did for us.

With love Carole, David, Christopher, Robin and Daniel

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