Friday, January 31, 2014

I Wash My Hands

Welcome to my blog, The Diamond Dragonfly

This may seem too simple, however every time I washed my hands this week I thanked God that it was His Hands that provide for me, not my works.

I was an A+ type personality and I am no slug.  I know I have to work and do my part.

This small consistent act of hand washing ( with a dual purpose)  has shifted a huge load off my shoulders. I have decided to speak faith and not let discouragement be my dictator. Also I show my foot as I can't find the picture of my hand and I am ok with that ( which is a miracle).


Mynn xx said...

I LOVE that you have found God in something as simple as washing your hands, friend! That is so wonderful--God is in everything and so I applaud your efforts! YOU ARE LOVED! :) HUGS! Mynn xx

Ann said...

ROTFL! I can't believe I clicked on a link with feet. Ha! Hugs (P.S. Looks like you did a recent pedi, and in winter that accounts for something. I always like my feet to look nice. Even in winter. I have a thing about nasty feet. Really grosses me out. )

Ann said...

Carol, please email me at, I have a question for you and couldn't find your email. thanks.

kiwimeskreations said...

What a wonderful prompt to Praise the Lord, and focus on His provision, when making such a simple action.