Wednesday, January 21, 2015


Welcome to my blog, The Diamond Dragonfly
Another fun, family friendly challenge with a wholesome sentiment, and ‘of course’ it’s “Anything Goes” as far as styles or projects.
This is our 167th challenge.  Thank you so much for taking time to share your magnificent art with us. We appreciate your participation and we love seeing your creations.
Congratulations to the winners from last week.  Once again, we had so beautiful entries.
We are still inundated with sub-zero weather, -19*F. Sharon has finally recovered from the exodus of a multitude of huge kidney stones.

SparkPlug my sweet, wee, 14 year old Shih Tzu was staggering a few times this last week. Two nights ago he flipped over and over, his eyes twitched and he cried while out in the pen to pee. Taylor quickly brought him into the house. I wrapped him up and held his head steady and gently rocked him in my arms for over an hour as his eyes twitched and remained stiff. I may have cried the whole time.
Cheryl and Taylor kept saying, “it’s ok he just has Vestibular syndrome” which they had googled.  
It took me a while to believe them.  I saw our vet and he was astonished at how well SparkPlug  had recouped in 24 hours even tho’ he has an ear infection (which we are treating). I believe holding his head steady and gently rocking him was calming and comforting.

Here is some free Word Art for you.

Word Art Wednesday………………………….AG with a family friendly sentiment and theme


Desire Fourie said...

Wow such a delightful tag. Loving the greens and the little butterflies. Sparkplug is adorable and I can see why is loved so much.
{Doing Life – my personal blog}

Leovi said...

Wonderful composition, I like this beautiful card with a delightful message!

kiwimeskreations said...

Oh Carole what a scare :-( - our pets become so important to us... Love your bag and tag, the dark blue, yellow and white are fabulous together, and I do love the use of the lacy heart behind the diamond, it's stunning.

Diane said...

Gorgeous design Carole.

Hugs diane

Gaylynn said...

This is pretty and colorful. Sweet design for the verse.

Fabiola said...

quelle fraîcheur Carole, elle respire le printemps, biz