Sunday, September 23, 2012

Cold Weather and Changes

The familiar honking of the Canada Goose is very welcome in the Spring because we know when the geese return from the South, Spring is on it's way. Alas, in the fall when we hear and see them this early we can be sure that the cold weather is just around the corner.

The chickadee's have to dodge those pesky squirrels who have emptied the birdfeeders one more time.

Sunday morning!
We have a guest speaker at church today.
God Bless you,



Karen Letchworth said...

I miss seeing the geese migrate. We don't catch glimpse of them here in the desert, but I am originally from Duluth, MN where we used to see them (and hear them) all the time. I miss that. Let me know if you want to chat on Saturday and add some more links to your sidebar.

Taylor said...

Hey Grandma!!!Love the blog!!!

Unknown said...

Thanks Tay. Let's get some of your cards up this week?
Love Grandma